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Hat Care Tips

Tired of your hats becoming sweaty and stained? We have a few tips that will not only work on our hats, but any other hat that you own.

Prevent Sweat Stains

  • Prior to wearing, spray entire hat with non-toxic, garment water-proof spray. We highly recommend Hat Saver, a spray on product that repels sweat and stains on all types of hats.
  • Allow hat to dry fully
  • It repels sweat, water, dirt and oily stains
  • Will help to extend the life of your hat

Attempt to Remove Existing Stains

  1. Soak entire hat in cold, soapy water
  2. Gently scrub stained area with toothbrush
  3. Rinse hat with cold water
  4. Air dry hat
  5. Repeat process if needed

The hat on the left is a new hat, the hat on the right is OVER 3 YEARS OLD and was sprayed with a water-proof spray.

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